Do you ever get so angry that you want to lash out or throw something?

Does your partner enrage you so often that you end up screaming at them?

Do your children irritate you so much you find it hard to control your behaviour?

Out of control

Uncontrollable anger can be a very destructive and dangerous emotion. It is a secondary emotion, which is caused by and hides a deeper one. You have to find the root of your anger.

What is it ? Fear, sadness, guilt, rejection. High-level intense emotions can lead to physiological and psychological health problems such as depression, anxiety and other issues.

It means something is wrong and needs to be addressed.


Counselling can help you to understand what triggers your anger and to look at the causes which can be very deep, sometimes stemming from childhood. It will uncover the pain and process it in a much healthier way than anger. It will also highlight other ways of expressing your feelings.


“It feels like there’s a ball of fire in the middle of my chest that blurts its way straight out of my mouth and burns the people around me”